From:The Alexanders
To: Ewa Zadarnowski
Sent: Wednesday, November 10, 2004 9:24 AM
Subject: Thank you so much!

Dear Ewa,

We thank you very much for your valuable contribution to our Day of Sharing and Appreciation event this year. We realize that October was a very busy month for you, and so we appreciate very much your coming and also your bringing two friends with you, and your sharing with us so much helpful information on the history of Poland and on the present day status of this amazing country. And I don't think anyone will ever forget seeing that beautiful costume!! The colourful booklets on Poland which you brought will be especially helpful to those who are going to lead Day of Prayer services in their various areas of the city next March. Everyone was so pleased to receive a copy.

I am very happy that I was able to contact you, and just wish I had been able to do so much earlier so that we could have had time to meet together and talk about the day ahead of time. However it seems we are all very busy people, and so we are very thankful that you were able to attend and that things worked out so well.

I have been able to take a copy of the World Day of Prayer service to the Polish Embassy and to the Polish travel Agency.

All the very best to you and to your friends, and thank you all again so much.
Rosalie Alexander